Our values and our vision

Our values and our vision
We are a small brand, with strong ethics, awareness and passion towards artisan made products.It is extremely important for us and for you to know who makes our products and how they are made! We are highly driven and motivated by Indian Heritage. Our aim is to incorporate sustainability, beyond a conscious purchase, into a lifestyle option. How do we do it? And why did we choose them? Here's the plan!



Our printing unit
Our printing unit is located on the outskirts of Jaipur and is a small family run unit. It is one of the very few units, where the printing is done by the youth of the house, a young team in their 20's , who chose to carry on the legacy, who appreciate and understand how important it is to carry on our craft heritage in their original form! All our printing is done by wooden blocks and most of the prints are in 5-6 colors, just as it was done in the Mughal era. Their enthusiasm, their motivation to hone this craft and their fresh ideas makes us strive to do better and better. 

Our Manufacturing unit
Our manufacturing unit is based in the South of India. What makes this so special? Well, this is one of the very few (maybe just the only one), where 80% of the staff is women! And not just that, all their technicians and the technical teams are also headed and run by women, who have been taught and educated by this very enterprise. It is empowering to work with this team! They work at par, without discrimination and total harmony with the men in the same unit. 
Choosing our silhouettes
We feel, choosing the correct silhouette is extremely important, to make a small difference for a big mission. When I landed 4 years back in Singapore, and my daughter started her school, I realised I had not even a single piece of clothing in my wardrobe that I could wear to drop her to school, wear the same thing for an impromptu coffee with friends, for other chores, for brunches , dinners , etc etc! I changed my attire at least 3-4 times a day! oh what a waste of resources ... and then l always had this bunch of clothing hanging around and waiting for that 'special occasion'! I always struggled to find the correct cuts, the correct fabrics and of course the correct pricing! How can I wear a 'sustainable' expensive piece to do my groceries? This was a game changer and I knew this was my start to building 'The Planter's Bungalow'.