About Us

16:15 IST, Friday

21st January, 2020  

Hi! this is Amaira, lil Neil and I.

We’ve come to India, to meet our grandparents, while our daddy dearest is stranded away from us in Singapore. We talk to him more often than ever about a ‘perfect’ and ‘ideal’ life, only to be coming to the realisation that THIS is it, and this is NOW. So let's do what we love, and do it NOW!

My father was in the Indian Army, which meant we moved our base every 2-3 years and experienced the lesser-known India and its crafts. My mum loved textiles, art ‘n’ craft and everything ‘handmade’. She had a clothing boutique in South of India in the 80's where she did block printing herself. Therefore, despite having lived in barracks to bungalows, our home always adorned the most gorgeous textiles. 

After finishing my formal training in Fashion Designing from Pearl Academy in 2000, I worked for some international brands, but always knew I would go back to the artisans and their crafts.


12th October, 2020    

I cannot believe this is happening, but I am really excited about it anyway! We have finally launched THE PLANTER’S BUNGALOW!!

We started our journey at Jaipur, an ode to hand block printing, using the age-old techniques and patterns from the Mughal era. Also, we like to use all our patterns and prints in their original form, which speak of our heritage.

So come along, join us on the journey to explore more Indian crafts and make every day beautiful!


January, 2021

PS , we finally reunited with Daddy and it seems like life IS getting back to normal.