Our Values and our Vision

The Planter’s Bungalow is a homegrown brand that is very passionate about artisan-made products. Our handmade products tell a story, and it is fascinating to know the workmanship behind it. We aim to make sustainability a way of life. How do we create an impact? Here’s the plan!


Printing unit

Our printing unit is a family run unit located in the outskirts of Jaipur. It is one of the few units which incorporates wooden block printing from the ancient age in its original form. Our team is a team of highly skilled individual whose craft speaks for itself. Their passion for the art and craft of their hands is showcased in our products.  

Manufacturing unit

Our manufacturing unit is based in the South of India. What makes this so special? Well, this is one of the very few, where 80% of the staff is women! And not just that, all their technicians and the technical teams are also headed and run by women. It is refreshing to see no gender disparity.



Our silhouettes

Choosing the correct silhouette can make the world of difference between a good and a great product. When I landed 4 years back in Singapore, and my daughter started her school, I realised I had not even a single piece of clothing in my wardrobe that I could wear to drop her to school, wear the same thing for an impromptu coffee with friends, for other chores, for brunches , dinners , etc! I changed my attire at least 3-4 times a day! oh what a waste of resources ... and then l always had this bunch of clothing hanging around and waiting for that 'special occasion'! I always struggled to find the correct cuts, the correct fabrics and of course the correct pricing! This sowed the seeds to 'The Planter's Bungalow'.

Slow fashion

All our products are made in small batches and small quantities. We avoid overstocking. We do not work on seasons and collections, but it's more demand and supply based.


Besides printing our own fabrics for our clothing, we always have at least 50% of our collection made from dead stock of our printers, which  are fabrics and prints that have been rejected, cancelled or not used as planned.


All our clothing scraps are used for making products like coasters, scrunchies and even kidswear..


As you are aware that one of the main reasons for hand block printing to lose its popularity, and choice over other printing practices is the rejection factor. There are huge rejections, which are in the form of color splashes, mis prints, difference in shades due to difference in the printing pressure, as it's stamped all by hand. We as a brand support our partners 100% and accept all rejections at the original cost. These are listed for purchase every now and then under our SAMPLE SALE, on our website. We are extremely thankful to all our customers for accepting these products and understanding the craft.



All our shipments are packed as clusters, instead of individual packaging. On arrival here, we segregate and pack these in cloth bags made by a lovely small NGO in India called JWALA org. This is a non-profit self-funded organisation which stems from the idea of revolutionizing the status of women in India, by providing them an opportunity to learn, make and be financially independent.